Just Released! Technical Assistance for Expanded Learning Opportunities in California
The After School Division (ASD) of the California Department of Education in collaboration with Public Profit, released a new report: Technical Assistance  for Expanded Learning Opportunities in California. This report shares high-level information about the availability of technical assistance (TA) by region, strategy, and links to Quality Standards for Expanded Learning. Regional Profiles provide at-a-glance information about providers in each of California’s 11 regions. This report will help to inform the ongoing conversations about how to support high quality Expanded Learning opportunities in California for all youth.  California is a national leader in Expanded Learning, both for the breadth of its publicly funded Expanded Learning programs and for its growing focus on quality. The ASD is further enhancing its supports for program quality through the System of Support, including funding for TA. Understanding the current TA landscape enhances the ASD’s ability to make strategic investments to support Expanded Learning opportunities
Download the full report to learn even more!
Some highlights of the report:
  • 86% of the responding TA Providers serve publicly funded ELOs, including ASES, ASSETS, and/or 21st CCLC grantees.
  • 55% of the responding TA Providers identify as either individual practitioners or intermediaries.
  • 95% of the responding TA Providers say they offer Training.
  • 91% of the responding TA Providers say they offer their services in-person and 41% say they offer their services online.
  • Responding TA Providers offer the most services aligned to Skill Building (95%), Active & Engaged Learning (95%), and Safe & Supportive Environment (95%) Quality Standards.
Regional Profiles provide an at-a-glance look at the availability of TA services in each of California’s 11 regions. Download all the regional profiles or individual profiles. All Regional Profiles (1-11) Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10  | Region 11

TA Landscape Advisory Group (Co-Led)

Objective 1.1.2 This group served as an ad hoc advisory group to Public Profit. Public Profit, led by Corey Newhouse, was contracted by the After School Division through funding support from David and Lucile Packard Foundation. They were tasked to develop a Technical Assistance (TA) Landscape Analysis of the TA that is provided to California Expanded Learning programs. This serves as crucial preparatory work to support the work of Objective 1.1.2. This group began meeting in late October 2014 to assist Public Profit in developing the format of the TA Landscape Analysis, the Data Collection Tools/Plan and a Communications Plan. From January-March 2015 Public Profit conducted 2 rounds of data collection via surveys, asking TA Providers working with Expanded Learning programs in California to report on organization and service level details. 110 respondents completed the survey and the results were compiled into the above report that includes overall summary findings as well as regional profiles for each of the eleven regions.

Corey Newhouse – Public Profit
Linda Lu – Public Profit
Stephanie Kong – Public Profit
Diego Arancibia – ASAPconnect
Kim Boyer – Central Valley Afterschool Foundation
Jeff Davis – California Afterschool Network
Mary Jo Ginty – Los Angeles County Office of Education
Monroe Howard – Sacramento City Unified School District
Onda Johnson – ASD
Sandy McBrayer – The Children’s Initiative
Cathie Mostovoy – Mostovoy Strategies
Ruth Obel-Jorgensen – CalSAC
Tavi Popp – ASD
Jason Riggs – Regional Lead

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